Corporate and institutional services

Language courses

We provide private, semi-private and group courses in our training centres, online or at your office.

Our language courses meet your needs.

  • Private or semi-private courses

    For personalized, accelerated learning

Private and semi-private (2 students) courses are ideal formats to help you upgrade your language skills, improve your knowledge, eliminate persistent language mistakes and reach specific goals more swiftly.

  • Group courses

    Get your staff together

Group courses (3 to 8 students) promote communication among your employees by combining conversation and learning. Bring strategic groups together to create new dynamic interaction.

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Discover your employees’ linguistic potential

CLIC offers language assessment services to determine the level at which your employees use their second language. Oral and written evaluations give you a clear picture of their knowledge and effectiveness when communicating in the second language during their respective work mandates.

  • Pre-hiring assessments

Would you like to evaluate your applicants’ bilingualism? Why not include CLIC in your hiring process? CLIC can determine the language proficiency level of your prospective candidates to avoid unpleasant surprises and recruit people who meet your needs.

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect candidate, but they lack the required second language proficiency for the given position. CLIC is here to take them to the desired level.

  • Position assessments

The bilingualism requirements for each position may vary depending on your current context or expansion policy. CLIC can help you put the right person in the right place or assess language training costs related to promoting employees, integrating into new markets or determining the required second language level for newly created positions.

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Document translation

  • Translation and revision services

    For flawless documents

CLIC provides translation and revision services in various languages and experienced professionals thoroughly verify all of our translations.

We are available to translate a variety of content, such as web sites, brochures, articles and legal documents. In a nutshell, anything you need to better position and promote your products or services with your clientele.

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Simultaneous translation

  • Simultaneous translation

    In real time

Simultaneous translation involves translating a speaker’s words while they speak. This type of live translation may be carried out during seminars, announcements or press conferences.

  • Giving presentations and hosting events

    Turnkey service

In addition to content translation, this service involves giving presentations or hosting events for you. Whether it’s for a conference, workshop or sales pitch, our team of language professionals can help you shine!

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Immersion packages

  • Immerse yourself completely in your second language

Immersion packages offer you learning environments where your team can only use the target language. It could involve a full day of activities and discussions in the second language or even a trip to a destination where a specific language is used:

  • Day of activities at your office

  • Weekend trip to New York

  • 5-day trip to Berlin

  • Share your suggestions!

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Prestige services

Our Prestige services set themselves apart through our customized approach to meeting your needs. We offer personalized language courses and interpretation services to ensure we deliver an exceptional experience.

  • Training trips and cruises

Similar to immersion packages, one or more language professionals accompany you on a corporate cruise or organized tour. Your training takes place in a more relaxed setting and our personalized services are defined in advance. That’s what we call mixing business with pleasure!

  • Interpretation services

Are you planning to travel internationally or welcome foreign visitors? We can provide you with the services of a qualified interpreter to bridge communications between you and your contacts.

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